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4 Step Solution / 2nd Application question

It’s been 2 weeks since implementation of your 4 Step Solution and it’s time to reapply the contact and residual sprays. Just wanting to ensure I understand what needs to be done.

Do I need to remove the encasements from mattress & box springs & spray them again (please say no, please say no) or just reapply the sprays around the room & on furniture as directed in Step 4?

Oh, an by the way, I’ve been bite free for the last 2 weeks so the encasements must be working. New critters will be hatching this week so we’ll see what comes…

Once the encasements have been installed, we recommend leaving them on for at least 12 months to ensure that any bed bugs that are alive inside will starve. For the follow-up applications, you only need to repeat step 4 - just use the contact and residual sprays in the various cracks and crevices throughout your room, other than your bed.

I have cats and dogs and would like to know if the powders that BB Supply sells will have them if they come in contact with them

Sorry I meant to say is will the powders harm my pets if they have direct contact with them

Generally speaking, our powders and sprays are safe for pets after they have been applied and given time to dry, as long as they are applied properly. It’s very important that you read the labels on any powders or sprays that you use, as the labels will explain how to apply them safely and what to do around pets and kids.

Thanks for the quick response and great info.