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8 months of bites

Hi. I’ve been getting bug bites for the last 8 months at night. Every few days it seems i wake up with new bites. The bites are all different in nature. Some are more like a rash, some are mosquito-esque, some are just tiny pin pricks. Sometimes they itch, sometimes they don’t. We had bed bugs 5 years ago in our old apartment and had heat and chemical treatments and they seemingly went away. I’ve never been able to find any signs of bed bugs besides small blood specks on my sheets from me bleeding. Anyway- I had an exterminator come out to inspect and they said there are no signs of bed bugs in my home. They also told me that if I’ve had bed bugs for the last 8 months, the infestation would be obvious and they would be in other rooms in my home (I have two kids). Is this true? Should I trust the exterminator? I woke up with another bite today. I’m going CRAZY. Is this in my head?? Help!

Those could be bed bug bites, but there’s no way for me to know for sure. They sound like bed bug bites, but they also sound like mosquito bites, spider bites, allergic reactions… you get the idea. Check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home.

Did you ever get an answer about this? That’s been happening to me the last few wks and also happened around this same time last summer. I also never found evidence of bed bugs but it left me freaked out and sleepless for wks at a time. And the bites are all varied just like you described.