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Advice on explaining to roommates

I started renting a room from an old friend a while ago. Same room I rented 6 years ago. Good people. Well someone that lived here while I was gone brought bedbugs. They basically just ignored them and are content living in this nightmare.

The biggest problem is I’m somehow the only one who’s seriously allergic to them. I get horribly bit, I welt, it’s just awful. I’ve never experienced bedbugs before, the first one I saw I thought was a tick, then I found another and brought it to my roommates and asked if it’s definitely a tick. Then one drunken night one of them gave me a mattress they weren’t using… Woke up the next day and actually looked at it, it was horrific, seems covered in bugs. Naturally I freaked out and started burning furniture. They agreed and admitted they’ve had them for a while and figured they’d go away on their own, Minnesota winters ya know. Fast forward a few months, I’ve been spending money trying something new every week, started with anything I found in stores, foggers, bombs, sprays, traps, hotshot DE. Wasn’t working, started researching the problem, started realizing this is gonna be difficult. Bought a steamer, washed everything at least weekly, asked them to let me wash their bedding at least weekly. Summer hit, it all seemed to be working, kinda slacked off on the steaming and stuff, I work construction so summers busy. Continued spreading DE. I knew they weren’t gone but I thought we were making progress. As soon as julys heatwave ended they came roaring back with avengence. Pretty much 6 weeks no bites, occasional dried dead one in dust, and one night I was just attacked. Ok didn’t make progress, they were just feeding off them and breeding elsewhere. Because the bites don’t effect anyone else at all they didn’t notice.
Now I’ve been fighting them hard since that night again, and I can’t find anyway to do a good heat treatment for this house. It’s a very big house, and old, I don’t have confidence in any way to make sure they’re all dead and the cost is just too much without any gaurantee. I kinda lost hope, as most of what I read has said that heat treatment is the only 100% way to end the infestation for good. So I went to simply controlling them. Attempting to bug proof my room. Well that’s not working either, and my roommates are getting aggravated with me because I basically look like a crackhead at this point, I had an idea to cover my entire room, floor walls ceilings with like aluminum foil tape, and keep every entryway and corner basically filled with poison, I didn’t do it but I think it would have bug proofed my room lol.

My biggest problem this entire time has been trying to get these guys to understand the absolute seriousness of this issue. That even tho they’re not getting bumps they are being fed on. At one point they were saying that I’m the only one with the problem so I should think about a new place lol. I’ve even shown them the youtube videos of the horror stories, unfortunately this place is on its way to being featured like that.
We all respect each other’s privacy so we don’t see each other’s rooms at all. One night I was talking with Fred at his doorway and I saw one, my justified paranoia and hatred of bugs kicked in so I stepped in, pointed it out and killed it. Then another, and then OMG theres the massive infestation, he has a pull out bed couch. And I saw a pillow without a case, absolutely covered in blood spots. His room was the level of infestation that the bugs stopped hiding, after I stepped in and started looking they were on the blankets that covered his windows, all over his couch, under every cushion, just awful. The worst is he didn’t think they were feeding on him because he doesn’t have a reaction to the bites.

I’ve tried nearly everything to explain that I’m not crazy, and this is a problem that should be freaked out about. That they’re the crazy ones for not being up on arms about these bugs.

I’ve tried even explaining to them that even if we all moved out we could be held liable for letting it get so bad without informing the actual homeowner (I wanted to immediately but they didn’t want to have any extra issues with the landlord, and at the time I was still thinking I could handle this problem)

It’s scary after seeing the ones room tho, and he didn’t go crazy when I pointed them out.(these are all older people, they all like to drink more then me, so I definitely believe they could have honestly not noticed them, I can feel every single bite, they probably can’t even see a fully mature bug when it’s right in front of them.

I like them all, I want to fix this problem And this is beautiful house on a beautiful massive property in the perfect location, I don’t want to leave. But I need them to understand the issue.

How is it that 4 of the 5 people in this house don’t have the slightest reaction to bites, but I get just covered in welts.

Anyways I have been looking for a new place, but I ordered cimexa finally, everything I’ve read about it sounds very promising. My last try will be to get them all to help or just let me clean their rooms, steam clean everything and everywhere. Then spread cimexa, then ask them to be honest with me and just try to spot any bugs and if they see even one to let me wash all their bedding again and keep all clean clothes in bug proof tubs.

I’m very careful about my clothing and everything but I’m surprised I haven’t heard of these guys spreading these to their friends or place of employment yet. Tbh they probably have but everyone’s so embarrassed noone talks about it so whoever they spread it to just kept quiet and it’s not like we mention it to anyone, (although coming up with excuses for why I wont ever bring my dates home is getting a little more difficult)

Anything I can make these guys read that will finally get them as freaked out as I am, or even something to cause them to have a little reaction to the bites lol

OMG how can u continue to live there. I have no reaction to the bites but saw a couple on my mattress and one crawling up my leg 2 to 3 weeks ago. Freaked me out. I found a few more in my mattress topper with a few dark stains… I washed in the corners of my box spring where I have seen evidence of them and have been using a spray, steamer, vacuuming, washing, and alcohol. I’ve only seen a total of about 20. I decided to wait until next week to get an exterminator. I have seen white dandruffed flake size critters crawling on my sheets. I wear cotton balls in my ears cuz I’m afraid they will crawl in my ears… Like u said are the roomies spreading them out of the living area. You need to have a ‘roommate’s meeting’ and all chip in for an exterminator. This is not your fault. But the responsibility should not be yours. I know its not easy to just move out, but can u find other living arrangements. This sounds like a catastrophic infestation. Good luck. Keep the forum posted as to your progress. God bless u are in my prayers.

Hi Speedo,
I’m sorry to hear your going through all this, and It seems like your doing a lot of things right in order to combat the bedbugs, in regards to getting everyone on board unfortunately there is no surefire way to do that.
Being that you know they are there the best thing you can do is follow the 4 step protocol on our site and protect your room,
Encase your mattresses put climb ups on the legs of your and keep your bed off the wall as well as no bed skirts or sheets hanging off the side.

I will link our 4 step solution below and you can always reach out to us anytime if you have any questions.


  • Mark