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Advice using Temprid

Ordered Temprid from this site, should arrive tomorrow, but need some advice on it’s use on my basement ceiling.

I live in a single family ranch home on full but partially finished basement. The finished side has a drop ceiling. My adult son uses the basement bedroom and brought home bedbugs the 1st or 2nd week of January. They were discovered on January 30/31 when they emerged from his armchair to feed on him. He works 3rd shift and keeps his work/sleep schedule on his days off. 3 were found - 2 larger ones and one mid stage. Found 1 cast skin on armchair. Searched entire room with LED flashlight and could find no other signs. Everything laundered/dried, bed was isolated, box springs and mattress sprayed with Bedlam Plus, Cimexa puffed into baseboards, outlets, under bed and basically anywhere it would be undisturbed. Armchair was discarded.

Treated adjacent laundry room with Bedlam Plus and Cimexa.

My husband and I work in a hotel and are exposed to them routinely, so I keep my headboard, box springs, bed rails, under my bed, outlets, closets, hamper, dresser and baseboards treated with Cimexa AT ALL TIMES. Have for the past 4 years. Even a mirror and picture that hang on the wall have Cimexa puffed onto the backs of them. Everything in all my closets through out the house that don’t get used regularly are bagged in sealed plastic bags that have been lightly dusted with Cimexa - also for 4years. I did treat my box springs and mattress with the Bedlam Plus and isolated the bed after the discovery on January 30.

After about 10 days with no signs, my son found one on his leg in his bed. It was probably 3rd or 4th stage, looked to be an unfed male. Suspecting his raggedy box springs, I resprayed both mattress and box springs with the Bedlam Plus and then encased them . Dusted velcro enclosure with Cimexa, sprayed the sides of both encasements with the Bedlam. Redusted with cimexa the areas under the bed we may have disturbed. At this time I treated my couch and recliner in the upstairs living room just as a precaution.

Fast forward to last Friday, February 22 and we caught an adult bedbug coming down from the drop ceiling. I was kicking myself for not treating it to begin with, because, duh… I was off to work, so quickly sprayed the rest of the Bedlam I had into the ceiling of his room only.So we spent Sunday, reinspecting and then puffing the Cimexa into the entire drop ceiling.

I ordered the Temprid because it has a longer residual time. My plan is to treat the rest of the basement ceiling that is exposed, as well as the outside ceiling tiles above my sons bed. Also going to retreat my bed, couch and recliner. My question with Temprid is should I use this as a mist spray on the exposed wood in the ceiling and then use the crack& crevice method around the perimeter of the basement. Or use the mist spray there too? Or use the mist spray in the central part of the ceiling and then dust Cimexa around the perimeter?

Sorry so long but wanted to include a timeline and the products already in use. Also thank you for providing a quality product like Cimexa, it works!
Thank you for reading, any advice is appreciated.

Hello, and welcome to our forum. It sounds like you’re only attempting to treat with a combination of sprays and powders, which isn’t what we would consider a complete treatment. Here is a link to our recommended treatment solution: http://www.bedbugsupply.com/how-to-get-rid-of-bed-bugs-in-4-steps.html

Hi Josh, thanks for the response. I am confused as to what else I should do? We cleaned and vacuumed everything, encased mattresses and box springs, isolated the bed, and then used Bedlam Plus, Cimexa and then Temprid as described above. Homemade climb up receptors on the legs of the bed frame, no dead (or live) bedbugs but lots of earwigs, pillbugs, beetles, spiders, and a few mystery bugs. What am I missing?

We haven’t seen any bedbugs, live or dead, no fecal or blood spots or any other trace since Feb 22, which will be 2 weeks tomorrow ,and it’s been 1 week since I sprayed with Temprid. Should I respray?
Thank you!

If you can, give our support team a call at 866-238-9868. They’ll walk through what you’ve covered so far, and what your next steps should be.

Are you using the combination of sprays?

Hey! I am also facing something similar here. Read something other than these on FinancePolice.com but not sure if it works. Should I contact the support team well?

Yes, please.