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Are these bed bug fecal stains?

Hi my pillowcase has black stains on it.Are they bed bug stains? The pillowcase shown is the one hold not lay on. After I looked at sheets, I found more stains at the bottom where my feet are. And can you tell how old the stains are? Thanks!



also found something that may resemble bed bug feces:

Not sure what it is but it smudges when I rub it.

Hello Joshua, and welcome to our forum.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to confirm that these pictures are of bed bug fecal matter. The last picture probably isn’t, as bed bug poop doesn’t come out that solidly. They tend to streak because the bed bugs poop while moving. They’re classy like that.

Those streaks could be a number of things: ink, charcoal, other pests. Without finding other signs of bed bugs, I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that that’s what you’re dealing with.

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Hey Josh,

Did you ever find out what this was? We are experiencing the same thing except on our sheets and in our eyebrows and hairline. No other signs or symptoms. Please let me know if you have any advice.

Hello, Amanda. If you’re getting spots on your eyebrows, that almost definitely is not bed bugs. I’ve never heard of bed bugs leaving fecal matter on anybody.

Hi Josh! Have you ever witnessed a grouping of faded gray spots, not necessarily black without any other evidence representing the presence of bed bugs?

Obviously, I realize that one needs more than stains for evidence. I was just curious is you ever came across something like that…