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Are These From Bed Bugs? Pleasr help

Hey there,

Ive had bed bugs in the past while in asia. I had sealed the bags for 18 months, and recently reopened them.

About a week later I started finding bite marks in the morning. When bitten in asia, they were huge swolen bruises but the bite marks here at home are just small itchy bumps. These new bites often go away within a couple of hours after I notice them (compared to the two weeks that I would have the marks while I was in asia).

I couldnt find any bugs or other signs but as its only been a week, and if its nymph, it may be impossible to do so at this point.

My girlfriend has some bites on her as well and Im worried its bed bugs. Is there any chance it is bed bugs when the bites go away so fast?

Here is some pictures:

We would suggest asking a doctor as we are not able to offer a medical diagnosis unfortunately.

If possible, are you able to say if bed bug bites are able to go away within a few hours?

Online suggests it takes one to two weeks, so if its known whether or not it is possible for the body to process the coagulent in a few hours, it would help me narrow down if it is bedbugs. Any info is appreciated.

Hi Jukebox,
Am wondering whether you have found out by now whether these are bedbugs. I have a similar issue and thought bedbugs wouldn’t be able to survive 18 months without feeding.

Its hard to say as bedbugs usually bite in clusters and recovery depends on the individual each case is different however it is common that it could take 4-14 days to recover from the cluster of bites from BedBugs, but that is not set in stone and unfortunately we cannot properly say for certain if those bites are from bedbugs etc.