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BED BUG all clear?

IN SHORT: i have had bedbugs in my room on holiday. I had really strong reactions to the bites (bloody bubles and really big swellings) and I’m wondering after how many weeks at home I should habe numerous bites. Meaning: did I not bring them home? I’m wondering if the reactions should be as strong even if it is only a few bugs and they are young.

MORE IN DETAIL: We followed all advices in order to not bring them into the home.
I had a clear row of bites 6 days after my return which was 10 days after the encounter, so I was assuming it might be a late reaction to the initial attack. then I had two bites in a row when I stayed at my boyfriends who was on the trip with me. (so they could be from my place, his place or from the mosquito which was in the room). this was 3 weeks after our return. Eversince I havnt had any obvious bites and I am back for 5 weeks now.
I still still extremely paranoid and I would like to know if I can by now assume that I havnt brought them. Do I still need to worry or should I by now be covered in bubbles? btw my boyfriend never felt any bites so he wouldnt know if he has them.
Thanks a lot to anyone who is willing to give advice!

I have had absolutely no bites. I discovered them 3 weeks ago. But got them in my box spring. I had the pest control guy come today. Said I prob got them on vacation 3 months ago. I was very lucky only in the box spring and 3 in my couch. I haven’t slept since I first saw them. A steamer is definitely a good investment.

Hi Marlene,
After reviewing your post its difficult to give a direct answer as unfortunately there is not one that can be given, however if you wanted to be safe a few steps I would recommend would be as follows,
Follow step 1 and 2 of our 4 step solution and carefully monitor areas and your climb ups to see if they detect any activity, if you can a steamer would be a useful investment as well, as you can use for a wide variety of different things such as cleaning grout etc.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us any time!


  • Mark

hi Mark, thanks for your reply. Well I guess the question is, if I have had really strong reactions to a highly populated hotel room, is it possible that right now I dont react to the bites in a way that I can clearly see them?
I’m home 6 weeks now, so had they been growing up in my home they should by now be adults and start laying eggs.


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