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Bed bug anxiety

Hi! I’m new to these forums but I’m really starting to spiral. My roommate left our 3 person apartment March 8th, and told me that they had bedbugs at their family’s home April 28th. My other roommate left at the same time and has not had any issues at her home. I checked my mattress and didn’t find any signs, but stripped my bed, got new sheets and washed all my blankets. I had a professional also come in and check and he said that there was no way to know for sure, but he said that it seems unlikely (I then got a mattress protector just in case). I have extremely sensitive skin so every time I go outside I get eaten up by bugs, and now all night I panic about every itch being a potential bedbug, and last night I thought I saw a bug crawling down my arm (I have seen a lot carpet beetles in my apartment and I have found quite a few live and dead ones around) but I am still incredibly anxious. Tonight I found a few blood spots towards the center of my bed, but I can’t tell if they are from bed bugs or me itching at my skin while I sleep. I haven’t woken up to bites that follow bed bug patterns, but I still wanted to try here to get further insight, thank you!

Hi Barbs,

I would inspect your bed for bed bugs and install climbup insect interceptors on the legs of your bed. This will allow you to monitor for bed bugs and see if anything is present before your take any further steps.