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Bed bug, bat bug, or something else? Can you tell?

Half of what looks to me like a bed bug or bat bug found in the bottom of my outdoor shoe. I live in Western Massachusetts, with three cats and one older woman, and I know there are bats around with potential for bat bugs to show up on the ground. Can you identity just from these bits? Half of a bug and maybe part of a head (not sure if it’s the head, but I included it in photos anyway).

I’m REALLY hoping it’s a bat bug or something else and no problem. To be safe, though, I’m currently monitoring with one ORTHO monitor and four HARRIS sticky traps/monitors in my basement bedroom. Will those be sufficient to suss out an infestation if there is one? Depending on your identification, would you recommend another product or calling in either a human or dogs to do an inspection?

Thank you.

P.S. Cats are outdoor cats, which is why I mentioned them. They roam the flipping countryside and could’ve totally tracked something in.