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Bed bug nymphs after moving?

Hi I recently moved from a house that had a recently treated bed bug infestation. I took all necessary precautions while moving and then happened to be out of the new house for a month after I moved, thinking any eggs that had clung on might not survive. Many of my things are still in bin bags. I have found several bugs however in my bathroom, as pictured, are these bed bug nymphs? Their colour seems too dark, I have no new bites and the bathroom seems like an unlikely place to find them, but I am still a little nervous. What do you think?

Hi Waterloo11,
Thank you for posting your pictures it appears like those are not bedbugs however its really hard to decipher as the picture is a little blurry but to be sure it might be a good idea to see if a local entomologist can identify it .

Best Regards,