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Bed bug or carpet beetle? Help

I noticed an itchy spot one morning and immediately thought bed bugs. I end up sleeping on the couch a lot so looked in the crease and found a shell and contact pest control . He came out and looked and said it’s definitely bedbugs . BUT he didn’t actually see a bed bug and I havent either and I’ve been looking! I did find these in the pics and there is pics of shell and “bites “ I just wanna confirm I have bedbugs and not just carpet beetles before I spend $2000 getting my house treated.

Hi Dhllr4eva
It appears these might be carpet beetles or some kind of caterpillar but it doesn’t show any evidence of bedbugs, before you spend any money Check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home 27.


The last image does have some characteristics of a bedbug but it also looks more of a beetle, do you have any other pictures of that insect.

Thanks again