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I got the bite pictured below. I originally could see two bite marks making me think it was a spider bite. Then upon itchy a third appeared. I got paranoid about bed bugs and searched our bed and found this. Is it bed bug poop? once I crushed it in my fingers it turned powdery. I also found a few old blood spots but they were in different areas of the bed. O

ne near feet. One near head. We have two dogs (maybe fleas?) that sleep with us and aren’t necessarily the cleanest so idk. I also found something white, the size of a piece of rice with a hole in the end. I was afraid it was an egg or hatched egg. It was solid though. Wouldn’t break. Then this morning I woke up to this rash. I’ve had it before. It almost looks like broken blood vessels. And this. What confused me is that I have very sensitive skin so idk if they’re bites or just rashes. My daughter sleeps with us and got red blotches on her body but they come and go recently and I think they may be from the antibiotic she’s taking. Please help! Everything points to bed bugs but other than a few black pieces like the one pictured, I can’t find anything. We have a memory foam mattress so there aren’t any solid, rolled seems but I checked the flat seems and nothing. Checked under to our foam frame and nothing.

Those could be bed bug bites, but there’s no way for me to know for sure. They look like bed bug bites, but they also look like mosquito bites, spider bites, allergic reactions… you get the idea. Check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home.