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Bed bugs are back? Or just summer time bites paranoia

It’s a long one but I really appreciate reading all for context

So 7 month ago, an house mate of mine (live in a house of 5 people) got bed bugs, which we suspect was from a pillow she bought on Amazon. She got bites, realised we had bedbugs, and our landlord got us chemical treatment. We had 3 chemical treatments over several month period and on the day of the third chemical treatment, my housemate moved out of the infested room and moved back home (none of us had had any bed bug bites or anything so it appeared to be contained in her room)

Fast forward then about 3 month later, I start getting bites, don’t think much of it, but then find a clear bed bug on one of my bed slats. And my other housemate got bitten aswell. We’re pretty certain that the bed bugs were still not killed previously from the chemical treatment, and had migrated over time to our rooms to look for somewhere to feed. Our landlord then got us heat and chemical treatment for the entire house! Even rooms that were empty. We got this treatment end if May

We then had no signs of bed bugs. We saw one get stuck in a sticky trap that were left under our beds but other than that nothing. Then mid July (UK heatwave hit) and I got some bites again. Around 4 on my arm and they were pretty spread out. I rationalised that I had been outside a lot and with it being so hot it was probably a different bug. We also checked my bed and surrounding areas several times for bed bugs and we couldn’t see any signs or warning signs of them.

I then went home to my parents house for 2 weeks. And then on the second week being home my parents got some bites. When packing my stuff to go home I was pretty vigilant (just in case) but am now really worried I’ve brought them back to my family home! And now I’ve woken up with two bites on my foot! I have no idea if it’s bed bug bites or a different bug. I’ve checked all around my bed and nothing, and I’ve checked my parents bed and nothing. It has still been really hot and had the windows open every night so might be getten bitten from that?

Another thing is I have new housemates (3 of them) moving into our house in only about a week’s time… None of them know about the previous infestation. And as we currently can’t find any evidence that it is bed bugs it’s so uncertain that it is then back again…

But surely after 3 chemical treatments, and a very intense heat treatment they can’t still be there??? But when ever I Google anything about getting bites in the night, it always just comes up with that I have bedbugs!

Sorry this was a long one. But I suppose I’m asking to see if anyone has experienced this before or knows what I should do? I’m really concerned I’ve brought them to my parents house as this is the last thing they need to deal with now…