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Bed bugs in dresser. can i save it or do i throw it out?

I have a beautiful antique dresser with bed bugs and eggs on the bottom! is there any way i can kill them, or do I have to get rid of the dresser?

You definitely won’t have to get rid of your dresser. If you’re following a proper bed bug treatment process, like our 4-step solution, you can include the dresser in your treatment methods.

We offer contact and residual sprays that are labeled for wood furniture, so remove the dresser drawers and use those sprays on the underside and in the cracks and joints inside the frame. Make sure to follow the products’ labels and MSDS for safe and effective usage.

Naturally, you should be treating your dresser while you’re treating the rest of the room. If you kill all the bed bugs in the dresser but leave survivors elsewhere in the room, they might move to reinfest the furniture.