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Bed bugs in futon



I have a full size futon that tri-folds, so there are 3 sections. I’ve been fighting bed bugs for a while. Due to the hardware, and the folding options, there’s a lot of nooks and crannies they can hide.

Although I am very diligent, and use a small steamer, spray alcohol, “climb up interceptors” on the feet, and check daily, I think there’s a few left.

A friend sleeps over every few weeks, and she reports 1 or 2 bites.

As there’s males, females, and eggs, which are the hardest to see, I’ve been thinking of using heat to get rid of them.

I am in a very small place in San Francisco, and have to be creative, as the power goes out if there is too much draw on the circuit.

Thought to either make a plywood box, and stick heaters in there, or use something like https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Infrared-Heater-Upgraded-Thermometer/dp/B00ZOUCYDW/, but it’s too small, as folded, the futon is 60"x21"x32".

Any ideas?


It sounds like you’re focusing your treatment on the bed, which isn’t what a complete treatment should involve. Bed bugs can hide anywhere in the room and can still reach you in your bed (even with Interceptors on the feet) if the bed isn’t properly isolated. Our treatment guide goes into this in more detail.


Thanks. I moved from a unit next door where the management paid for a company to come out and do a heat treatment, and then a dog came out to verify.

I don’t think the heat fully got the futon frame with the mattress still on though.

The unit I’m in now… I don’t know if there are any bugs besides the bed. I have a bed bug futon mattress cover.

There’s a small closet. Might check there again too.

I looked over your guide. I’ll check again more thoroughly, but I am really interested in taking care of that futon.