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Bed Bugs Infestation

I live in apartment. I cant see any bed bugs in my room.
But since last 2 weeks, every night around 3 am, bed bugs start biting me. I have to wake up. I kill some 10 - 15 bed bugs. Then again in an hour I find other 10 bed bugs around my bed. As soon as it dawns, all bed bugs are gone.
I have checked all the furniture and hot water washed and dried all my bed sheets. I dont see a trace of bed bug. Where do these many bed bugs come from ? How can I locate them ?
I had bed bugs problem some 6 years ago. At that time I found them around my bed frame. I killed all of them and they were gone. This time I have killed many more bed bugs, but still every night it keeps coming back. I am not getting enough sleep because of this