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Bedbugs, dormancy, reappearance

Howdy - Can some gracious expert explain to me how bedbugs can re-appear after months of absence in a house - in the middle of the summer?

Bedbugs just aren’t supposed to be dormant when it’s warm and humid - and yet in my girlfriend’s house, they first appeared ~8 weeks after she bought a second-hand bed (the only source we can identify). We then paid for a proper treatment (the infestation was very minor), and the bedbugs disappeared for a full 3 months before suddenly reappearing.

How does this work - like, biologically? What could possibly be the source of these surreptitious, Russian spy sleeper-cell-like little bastards?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jackgrump,

It is really difficult to identify how or where they came back from, the key factor to bring to mind is in a circumstance lets say that a bedbug or 2 possibly did not come in contact or was affected by the treatment processed used, it could be possible that the bedbug not affected slowly over time restarted the population slowly.

The key factor to treating for bedbugs is breaking their feeding cycle so they are unable to reproduce, I will link our 4 - step protocol below as well so you can review it. In our 4- step protocol we highly recommend using
1.) Lab Tested certified bedbug proof encasements.
2.) Climb up interceptors ( These traps help you monitor and see how your treatment process is going as well as prevent bedbugs from climbing up legs of your bed to get a blood meal)
3.) Steaming and cleaning.
4.) Chemicals

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us any time.

Best Regards,