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Bites while camping! mosquito or bed bug?

My s/o’s brother invited us camping two nights ago. He rented a “cabin” as he called it (it was really a small wood shelter w 3 beds and a mini fridge and each shelter was on top of each other there was no privacy) which was fine. But my mind said “bed bug heaven” A few years ago I had a personal fight w bed bugs at an old apartment after my neighbor brought home some furniture from the side of the road so im forever scarred. We drove an hour out so I flipped the mattresses didnt see anything and decided to put it out of my mind. We got there pretty late as it was a last minute type deal so we unloaded started cooking and I put my kids to sleep my daughter in her pack n play my son in strapped in a seat because I didnt want him to roll off the bed. Me and dad and his brother were up late around the fire and we had forgotten bug spray so i expected to wake up w lots of mosquito bites. However I thought these looked a little weird??? My s/o doesnt have any bites, neither do my kids. Im the only one. Not sure ab his brother. I was wearing shorts and sandals the bites are only on my feet, ankles and on my left leg they go up to knee length. I remember shooing some mosquitoes I felt on my feet throughout the night so maybe I’m just paranoid but it seems like theyre just too ”lined up”.

Did you ever figure out what they were?

I didn’t bring anything home (thank GOD!!!) so…Im guessing not bed bugs. But they took weeks to go away completely which I’ve never experienced w mosquito bites so I’m still not sure of “what”.

My daughter kind of had the same thing (everyone says its an allergic reaction?) So I was curious