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Blood stains on sheets-Please help!

Hi everyone,
This morning I found blood stains (brownish, one bigger circle, one smaller) on my duvet sheet. I got panicked! I washed the duvet and then put it in the dryer too. Now, I cannot find the stains anymore. Do bed bug stains go away easily just by washing in the washer? since there are no more stains in the washed sheet, does this mean I do not have bedbugs? Please let me know I am under so much stress! Thanks so much!

Hi Samfa,

Check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home 27. this may help better answer some questions and pin point if there are bedbugs in your home.



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Thanks so much, Tyler.
A professional also came and inspect my bed and mattress and did not find any proof. Hopefully, the bloodstains were something else! But to ease my mind, I am going to buy the stuff you are recommending here.
Just another question, can the small red dots on my skin (see below pic) be the bedbug bites? Appreciate it if you can comment on this too. Thanks a lot!

Everyone reacts different, for some they come up as welts, others come up as tiny spots / bites its hard to really give a definitive answer, I would recommend consulting a dermatologist as they specialize more with skin
Im sorry I couldn’t be more helpful in reference to this but I also don’t want to give wrong information either


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