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Bug ID - what is this thing?

Hi folks,
On Sunday night I woke up and found a little red spider-looking bug, absolutely tiny, crawling over my shirt. It was the middle fo the night and I wasn’t thinking about the possibility of bed bugs at the time, so I simply discarded the bug.

The next day I noticed some bites on my arm and leg and started to fear bedbugs. I took the box spring and mattress outside and inspected them and found casings so I assumed bed bugs. Then, sent the photos to a friend (Green Acres Pest Control) who pointed out that they are carpet beetles. However, these bites are real and last night I got bit again. My wife and kids have zero bites. They look like they could be bed bug bites but having looked all over, I can’t find any bugs.

I set traps last night and found the attached little guy. My friend at Green Acres told me that it isn’t a bed bug, but he didn’t know what it is. Does anyone know what this guy is? Could he be the one biting me? I trapped him in an ortho (pheromone) trap between the mattress and box spring. Thanks for any feedback!

Note that when I pulled him off the glue it disfigured the body so the one where he is sitting on a white background is more “accurate” of a representation than the shot with the tweezers. He is tiny, this is quite magnified. He can’t be a bed bug - you can see wings.