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Climb ups not working?

Background: 1 week ago we cleaned our entire bedroom—threw out an infested box spring & frame, encased the mattress with Allerese ultimate mattress protector, shampooed the carpet, bagged everything (except the clothes in the closet) and put what we could in the dryer on high for 10-20 min and what we couldn’t are still in bags away from the bedroom/normal traffic. We have sprayed the room down almost every day once a day.

3 days ago we put the climb up interceptors under every leg on the bed frame. I know we still have bugs because I’ve caught a few on the base board and carpet (no blood though!) but we have not caught any in the interceptors. I watched one for about 5 min yesterday climbing up the outside of the interceptor but every time it got to the edge of the wall where it should climb down and then get stuck in the outer well, it would turn around climb back down a little ways and try again a few inches down…eventually I just killed the bug because it didn’t seem like it was ever going to climb inside.

Which leads me to my question—how am I supposed to be able to detect the level of the infestation now that I know these bugs won’t even climb inside the interceptors? Has anyone else had this problem?

Do you (or anyone else) sleep in the bed that the ClimbUps are installed on?