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Could you identify this please?


I’ve stayed in an Airbnb apartment in Portugal for three weeks, but today I saw several blood stains on the sheets.
Some of them were normal round spots. But in one place it looked like someone would have sprayed tiny blood spots on the sheet, and next to it were also very tiny spots almost in shape of a question mark. It looks very much like some bugs, but all I could find was this one in the picture. It was right there on the sheet under the blanket.

First it was crawling, then it jumped/flew away a couple of times. I managed to kill it, but it was very tough to squeeze and kept trying to run away.

It is obviously not a bed bug, but could that thing cause all those blood stains, or should I be worried that there actually are bed bugs here, and that thing has nothing to do with it? I haven’t seen any blood stains earlier, but maybe I just don’t react to bites and haven’t looked at the sheets close enough(?)

I didn’t have any marks on my body that could explain all those stains.

I would be really curious to know what that is and could it have caused all that? It’s really small, only 2-3 mm I guess (without having anything to measure it). Thank you.


Hello, and welcome to our forum. While I’m not sure exactly what species that is, I’m 100% confident that it’s not a bed bug. Best of luck with your ID and treatment.