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Do Bed Bugs Get In Your Hair?

I found this in my hair. I killed it so it’s not intact.

Hello, and welcome to our forum. I’m 50/50 on whether or not that’s a bed bug, but I can’t say either way due to the poor quality of the images. If you’re able to take a shot that shows the bug in more clarity and detail, I should be able to give a more concrete answer.

I tried. My phone doesn’t take good pics anymore.

I’m trying to upload a better picture and am having problems.

I have had pheromone traps under my bed and behind my night stand and by another outlet for over a week. If they are already in my new adjustable bed will they not come out for that? I also have interceptors under my bed legs as of a couple of days ago. Nothing. Also nothing in the traps

The pic above is magnified 4x. I pulled this from my hair I believe it was on the day that I sent it to you the first time. Sorry the bug’s kind of mutilated.

Thanks for the additional image. I’m not positive that that’s a bed bug, but it definitely could be. The best way to find out for sure is to follow the steps in our bed bug prevention guide to monitor for bed bugs or similar pests in your home.

:weary: They have to be in my bed cuz my head has been getting lit up the last couple of nights I bought some spray called herbal armor I put on me that have citronella in it and I spray tea tree oil around my frame and on the wire that leads to my bed until I can get to all this stuff tomorrow I already started packing up things in in one tote is going to be not a fun weekend to be in my bed cuz my head

Is this any form of a bed bug. It might have fallenvof my clothes. Sorry, I keep forgetting how to upload. My pics are in my memos cause I’m using a magnifier and I can’t get it in my gallery