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Found a bug. Is this a bed bug?

I found this bug on my cushion sitting on the couch. Is this a bed bug? I looked for others under the couch and sides of mattress, but I didn’t find any. Only thing I found was the one bug and some stains on the cloth that was on the couch. Please someone help me.

Thank you,

I would say yes that is a bed bug.

Oh no. I only found one. and checked all furniture, underneath and everything. I didn’t see anything else other than that bug and one spot stain in the pics. Am I in trouble??? What should I do?

Hi Snow,
If you only found 1 bedbug id recommend starting with steps 1 and 2 of our 4 step protocol and observe the population and see if any others get caught in the traps. if you start to notice activity then proceed with steps 3 and 4.
Below is the link to our 4 step protocol and you can always reach out to us anytime for assistance.


Warm Regards,


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That seems like a bed bug. If you have seen one then there might be more. you should some natural remedies to get rid of them and if things still doesn’t work out for you then I’d like to suggest a site that provides assistance for bed bug control, pest control and many such things. The name of that site is Teluscare.

I think it’s a bed bud, if you found these continuously in your living area then it’s an alarming situation. Your house needs some treatment to get rid of bed bugs. Don’t ignore them, they carry varieties of diseases, check out bed bugs exterminators bc.

Yes, that’s a bed bug.

It’s definitely bed bug. it will be better if you start immediate treatment as it might get worse in the future. try with a local bed bug exterminator.