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Going crazy over these stains

I’ve had these stains on my mattress protectors. Cant tell if they’re bed bugs or not. Going crazy. I had a exterminator come in who said possibly the stains were but he couldn’t find any other evidence upon looking. Never have any stains on sny sheets. No bites. Spots on top of mattress cover but not on sides at all. No stains on box spring. imageUploading…imageUploading…

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to determine whether or not these are bed bug fecal stains or markings from another of many potential sources. I would keep an eye out for other signs of bed bugs, as this would just be one piece of the puzzle.

Hey there,

Did you finally figure out what it was? I just found similar stains in my mattress protector and also wondering what’s causing them. Thank you!

It’s impossible to remove that stain, I’m already did that before at my mattress protector, I used many stain removers, but It’s just a waste of time, and It was also old mattress, so I bought a new mattress with protector through Luma Sleep coupons.