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Help ID litte bug. Book lice or bedbug?

I need helt to identify a tiny bug I found in my sons bed.
He had a red itchy mark on his Tommy today and I found blood on his sheets.
We had bed bugs for over a year ago and had a treatment. One year and 6 month we have been free.
We moved a year ago and got rid of most of our furniture.

If one had survived, wouldn’t we been infested at this time? Im so scared right know because it really was a nightmare and I almost went insane.
So please help me.

To me, it look a lot like a book lice but maybe I fooling myself because I don’t think I will be able to go through with this again.

I was at bedbugger forum and got a lot of help last time.
So I reaching out to anybody right now.
Hope I can upload some picture.

Thank you!