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Help identifying bugs


Hi all,

Can someone please help met? I am reacting to something that looks ike either pimples or bite marks. A co worker had bedbusg a few months ago at her place and while I know that there is a small chance they may have passed onto me, it is freaked me out. I overhauled my bed and cannot find any excretements or blood or anything.
I did found two of these things below in my matras and I am not sure if they are bugs but this is what I found.

It is that thing in the middle with what appear to be antlers?

Then I noticed this bug crawling on my window sill. It is very tiny and very zoomed in, sorry the quality is not very good.


I found this bug on my windowsill today in broad day light

Any advice is helpful


Hello, and welcome to our forum. While I’m not sure exactly what species that is, I’m 100% confident that it’s not a bed bug. Best of luck with your ID and treatment.