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Help please! Is this a bed bug?

Dear all,

I came back home from the UK last Sunday where I stayed in a hotel close to Heathrow Airport. A few days after coming back I had a rash in multiple parts of my body. I suspected bed bugs to be the problem and decided to buy bed bug traps to be sure. However, in 3 nights I have not trapped a single bed bug and today I have found an insect that looks a lot like a bed bug at the early stages of its development. I took a video of it that you can find in the following link. I am sorry but the pictures I took weren’t clear enough to identify the insect, so I preferred to take a video and share the link on we transfer.

Thank you all for your help.

Hi Skander1993,
it is hard to tell if that is a bedbug however please refer to the link below on our site to better help identify whether or not it is a bedbug.
im sorry I could not be of better assistance with this matter and I hope this helps.
Warm Regards,

Hi Tyler, thank you for your response. What other insect do you think it could be?