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Help please please, I am going insane!

Hi, please someone help me. It is been almost 4 weeks that I am seeing kinds of blood stains on sheets, clothes, etc, my husband says this cannot be a sign of bedbug, I purchased the diatomaceous earth powder and put lots of it around my bed, also bought mattress encasement, also sprayed the bed once. Also, when we first saw the first stains, a professional came and inspected the bed and did not find anything. I put the bedding sheets in the dryer several times so far. We could not see any bedbug or any other sign just some stains. Here are the pics of these stains, can someone help me, please? This has derived me crazy, i cannot sleep well and my life has been disturbed badly. Please

I need some advice!

is there anyway to test these stains? If they can be washed easily, does it mean they are not from bedbug? Any help is appreciated! My husband is not involving himself, he says we do not have bedbugs and I am overthinking it/ but I cannot continue like this. Look forward to hearing some tips from you.

Hi Samfa,

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to test those stains via washing or ease to clean however we do have fecal matter test kits that can provide some clarity if it is bedbugs