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How at risk am I?

A few years ago my family went on a trip to a mountain town and since we didn’t have a trailer we rented a little cabin. Instead of a sleeping bag my mom used a new quilt and didn’t immediately wash it after we got home, same for her other laundry. Long story short we ended up with bed bugs and my mom didn’t really take it seriously but the activity seemed to taper off after a while. My room was across the house so I hadn’t really been affected. That is untill a few months untill I moved out. I was getting a couple bites before I treated the bed and encased them. I didn’t take anything with me except for my clothes, yarn and blankets, that were washed on hot water as soon as I got to the apartment. I didn’t let them so much as touch the floor. As the yarn I put them in plastic bags and put them in the freezer for 24 hours. With everything else I wiped and sprayed with rubbing alcohol. I just want to know that with all the precautions I took, how at risk am I for getting them again? Even with everything I did, is it likely that I will get them?