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How do I treat a waterbed for bed bugs?

Definitely have bed bugs somewhere in the bed. It’s a king size waterbed with liner, heater, and wood frame on double stacked drawers with a crawl space between the two sides. No feet for interceptors, not sure that an encasement will work.

Can we empty the bladder mattress, remove the liner and heater and treat directly on the wood frame and headboard? Should we replace the liner? It has LOTS of wrinkles for good hiding places…

Did an inspection with my parents who have worked through one really awful infestation and a second lesser one a couple of years later. We didn’t find any evidence anywhere, but I don’t think we were as careful as we could have been. And, I have woken up with bites, the first time I caught one crawling on me as I woke up. An adult that had not yet fed. Freaked me out, badly! I killed it, no blood. Two days later I slapped an itch (again as I was waking) and it was another adult, this time full of blood. ICK!

Ordered an Atrix vacuum and hepa bags from you guys since we were in the market for a new one anyway. Have started the washing/drying/encasement on my stuff and my daughters room. My main concern is how best to treat the waterbed.

Any advice would be most appreciated.