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How Do I Treat My Adjustable Bed

I really haven’t gotten a good answer. My motor is in a very hard to reach place and all the wires go in there and I haven’t found anything in my traps underneath my legs so something tells me that they’re in my bad how in the world do I get anyting up there without damaging the motor electrical parts. I have got a queen-size bed. I just started the process of washing stuff and what gets me down is that it’s Christmas. It’s also not attached to a headboard even though the old head board is there. I guess I need to get rid of that too.

You’ll just need to perform a thorough visual inspection of the motor and surrounding electronic components, taking care to look for any signs of bed bugs. It’s not safe to treat that part of the bed with steam, sprays, or powders, but you can still do those steps with other parts of the bed. Double-check that you’ve isolated the bed from other points of contacts with the wall, floor, and nearby furniture, in addition to the interceptors under each leg.

My bed has been away from everything but still getting bit. I had an inspector comed out and hed fgound casings in thed c liset I put my traverl bag in. I threw away my bag too late. After almost 3 months I finally saw what I think was a bedbug on my wall. Of course I killed it. I didnt think twice of taking a picture. I need an exterminator cause either my brothers are immune to the bites or something cause they they think I’m freakiing out for nothing. They are not taking me seriously.

My cord to the motor is a way for them to get on my bed without having to go on the interceptors. I tried unplugging it and kind of stuffing one end of the cord underneath my mattress but that’s when I started getting my head bit and I didn’t understand that at all. That’s what really made me think that they are in my bed. The inspector told me not to block them from me because that would just make them spread faster around my house. That doesn’t sound like very much fun to me