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How to treat an electric piano and laptop computer


My question: How do I treat a laptop computer and an electric piano?

The backstory, if you care to read it:

I currently have bed bugs in my bedroom. The apartment has been treated by professionals twice, but I still am getting bites. When I told this to the guy I sublet from, requesting we get a third treatment done, he refused to believe me and came to the conclusion that I must have been making it all up. He says that I should move out by the end of the month. I told him that he must be crazy for not believing me and that I run the risk of spreading the bed bugs to my new apartment and leaving behind bed bugs that he’ll still have to treat. He didn’t listen. So, I’m moving out.

In order to move with ZERO risk of taking the bugs with me, I am planning on throwing out absolutely everything I own with the exception of my clothes, which I can easily treat, and my books, which I’ll leave in a container at my grandmother’s untouched for a year and a half. Meanwhile, I will treat my bedroom a third time myself with a pyrethroid spray to diminish the possibility of new bites.

I would prefer not to throw out my laptop computer and my electric piano because they are pretty expensive. How could I treat these things? I am looking to move to a new apartment with absolutely ZERO risk of re-infestation.

Thank you

Hello, and welcome to our forum. A little while back, we published an article on treating electronics for bed bugs, so I would give that a read first: http://www.bedbugsupply.com/blog/treatments/treat-bed-bugs-electronics/


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