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If you're allergic to bedbugs what does it feel like

I’m waiting for my brother’s to prep their room so I can get my house treated for bed bugs cuz that started in my room I brought some home from a hotel down the Highway. I really wish I could get them to pay for this but there’s no way I can prove that it came from there. Even though they’re the last place I stayed I can’t prove it. I was just wondering what it feels like if you’re allergic to them. Cause lately my skin has just been burning
It feels better after a shower but I can’t stand it I’m thinking it’s my laundry soap but I’m not sure. I’d like to know.

Is the above a casing?

It’s hard to say whether those skins are from bed bugs or a similar pest. The best way to know for sure would be to begin monitoring for bugs that attempt to enter your bed for feeding. Move your bed from the wall and other furniture, then measure the legs to see which of these ClimbUp Interceptors they’ll fit in.

Is this a spider??

Hello, and welcome to our forum. While I’m not sure exactly what species that is, I’m 100% confident that it’s not a bed bug. Best of luck with your ID and treatment.

Does this does this look like a nymph to you. This is the best picture I could get it I felt something crawling on my arm and that’s what I got.

No, it doesn’t. To be blunt, I think you’re overworried about having bed bugs and should consult a pest management professional about whatever else is in your home.

I did. He found casings in a bedroom closet.
Do they drop their eggs or lay them in clusters?

If you are allergic to bed bugs, you may show following symptoms -
Burning sensation
Scars after scratching

If you are going through these problems, you need to inspect your house for bed bug removal.