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I'm lost on what to do next

For the past month I am getting bit randomly all over. I do have animals, and we did have fleas. However I have treated for fleas yet I’m still getting bit. I have had an inspector come out and he has said he can’t find any bed bug source or any signs. Sometimes I wake up with bites, sometimes durying the day I get itchy and realise I have mosquito like bites all over. Sometimes one, sometimes 10+. I have flipped over everything in my house trying to find any sight. No poop, no blood, no sheds, nothing. Just these horribly itchy bites. They tend to go away within a day or so, but some welt up huge like mosquito bites.

What is my next plan? Wait to see if I can find them? Call another inspector? I’m loosing my mind and sleep. Please help. I’m attaching pictures of my bites as it’s the only proof I have.

Hi SlightlyParanoid

Im not quite sure if these are indeed bebug bites however feel free to check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home 27. this may help better answer some questions and pin point if there are bedbugs in your home.



So I’ve searched my house over multiple times. I’ve flipped my matress and box spring, tore the bottom out of both couch and box spring, took off outlets, flipped all dressers, looked under desk, and I have found nothing. No marks or casings. I’m installing interceptors on my bed to see if that catches anything.

Is it possible to be bitten this much over a month and not find any proof of bugs?

It can be possible at the beginning stages to not see any signs of them however with the amount of bites you have if it were bedbugs you should have some sort of signs they are there. At this time it only sounds like they are biting you but eggs hatch every 7-14 days ( 10 Days is most common avg hatch time )
so as they hatch they will become more noticeable. I hope it is not bed bugs and apologize for not having a better answer at this time.