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Is this a bedbug?!

I’ve had bedbugs before so I’m super paranoid. Was like 6 years ago. I now think every bug is one and just wait for my bites to show up. Help please

Hello, and welcome to our forum. I’m not positive that that’s a bed bug, but it definitely could be. The best way to find out for sure is to follow the steps in our bed bug prevention guide to monitor for bed bugs or similar pests in your home.

He looks like a carpet beetle. I know because I had them for many years before I received the bedbugs, and also concurrently while I had my BB infestation. So during that process, I learned more about carpet beetles since i was worried each one I saw was a BB! This new apt I have moved to has no bugs whatsoever, except a lone bedbug I found on my mattress once (this building has other apts with BB’s; i figured he was a stray, and I haven’t seen any since, and trust me: I’ve been checking all over the apt!)

Anyway, don’t worry about him. I am almost 100 % sure he is a carpet beetle. If you have such an infestation, don’t worry about it. They don’t do anything to humans and the biggest threat they have is to possibly eating holes in clothes or something. If you find small yellow larva, that is the larva of the beetles.