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Itchy Crawly Sensations

I know I don’t have bedbugs crawling all over me but they have just got me so paranoid i feel like my skin is crawling. Its gotten so bad to the point where the feeling keeps me from sleeping, not even thinking about the buggers themselves. I don’t know i feel like its some sort of psychologically induced neurological thing i have no idea…

It’s hard to say based on your description for sure, but it sounds like this may just be in your head. When I first got into this business I experience the same thing for a few months, but it has since gone away. I’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking that something was crawling over my skin, but it was just the sheets or nothing at all. If you haven’t seen any signs of bed bugs (bits, fecal matter, blood spots), there is a good chance it’s nothing. It’s hard to say not to worry about it as I’ve been through it too, but for me the feeling went away on it’s own.

Your response might be purely psychological. Are you seeing any other evidence like bite marks that tend to group in 3’s or any bed bug molts in or around your bed? Any rust-colored stains in or around your bed?

I have bites and got rid of a bed that at the time I didn’t know had bed bugs but later realized it probably did. It had one blood stain that was apparent. I haven’t seen any bugs though sdince then but are still getting bitten

Been seeing American roaches all of a sudden and found out they eat bed bugs