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Killing Bedbugs When You Sleep on a Japanese Futon On the Floor?

Ever since i was little, i’ve enjoyed sleeping on the floor. So, in all fairness i like the floor. I’ve slept on an old mattress for years and i really want to go back to sleeping on the floor as a full time sleeping bed, because i really need my back to fix itself. I love Japanese culture and i am really thinking of getting a Japanese futon to sleep on, but at one point i got bedbugs in my parent’s house when i still lived there.

I was never bitten, but my sister was the one who took all the biting and had to toss her bed and sleep on a hammock for 2 years until we could get her another bed after the infestation was over. It’s easily been 3 years since the infestation and i still have jars on the legs of my bed. I really do fear them, but i really want to sleep on the floor. I don’t want to go my whole life sleeping on a raised platform because of bedbugs, so any advice on how to deal with bedbugs with a japanese futon would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has experience sleeping on japanese futons and having encountered bedbugs in your life, please share. (Note: I don’t have bedbugs but in the event i end up with them down the road)

When you have bed bugs biting you, you can’t be sleeping on the floor. It’s too easy for the bugs to reach you from wherever they are hiding. You need to be sleeping on a bed frame with legs that can be elevated with ClimbUp Interceptors. Regular jars and bowls won’t be as effective, since they lack the inner well that separates the leg from the pitfall that bed bugs will be in.

The glass jars were effective, they couldn’t climb up the glass. I didn’t even know interceptors existed until recently because the jars were enough to keep them at bay. Aside from that, are you saying i’m doomed to sleep on a raised platform my whole life? There’s got to be ways around it, i’ve read a few threads about sleeping on the floor, but there was hardly any information, so that’s why i made this thread. Can sunlight kill the ones on the futon? Can i spray down, vacuum and steam the carpet and furniture when i hang the futon? I know i probably can’t prevent them from reaching me entirely, but i’m hoping for methods to still kill them without having to buy a bed frame.

No. Sunlight doesn’t affect bed bugs in any way.

How often would you need to do it? It’s a free country, and you’re welcome to do what you like, but I feel like sleeping on an elevated frame with effective traps would be more convenient.

Basically, what you’re asking is if there is a reliable way to prevent bed bugs from reaching you while you are sleeping on a futon on the floor. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to achieve that without changing how you sleep. At that point, it just comes down to personal choice regarding the level of risk you’re willing to take, and it sounds like you’ve made up your mind on that.

Maybe so, well it was worth a shot. Thanks, and sorry if i came off a little too stubborn.