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Lost and confussed

my mother in law passed away in nov.2019 we found out after her passing that she had bed bugs i have never had to treat this issue before so i need help i dont want to have a bug bussiness come and heat treat the house since no one is living there no one has lived there since her passing it has been empty of humans she was a very clean and tidy lady so i assume they were brought in when she came home from a pshyical therpy place so my question is how to treat the funtiure we are moving her stuff out and into our home i dont want my home infested i have set off raid bombs for bed bugs but i have a fear that wasnt good enough i do plan on vaccumming all furinishings very well once it out of her home and in the garage as well as using a bed beg spray on it all but i would like other ideas and methods on the best way to treat it before bringing into our home keep in mind her home as been shut off of all humans since nov. and it at times have been very cold in there being that we turned the power and everything off

Hi Jess, and welcome to our forum. I’m sorry for your loss, and have good news in relation to your treatment: it’s easy to get rid of bed bugs in an unoccupied area once you know how to.

We have an article about how to get rid of bed bugs in a workplace, and the same steps can be applied to treating pretty much any area that someone isn’t regularly sleeping in, such as a vacated home.

Thank u that article was very helpful
With ideas on treatments