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Mattress Sheet Marking ID

Two black dots were identified on the exterior side of the mattress protector cover - near knee height - on the center topside. No other marks were found on the other bed sheets, or the mattress itself after unzipping and opening the mattress protector cover. No prior bedbugs are know at this location. The marks are pure black with some bleed out at the edges where the color fades slightly. There is no red or brown tones found. The marks are approximately 7mm in diameter.

Can this be related to bedbugs?

It seems that it is a stain produced by bed bug poop.

You must check the room very well. Check the headboard, the mattress seams, under the bed, cracks in walls, furniture, wall sockets, and other possible nesting sites.

If you can’t find bed bugs, it may be an ink stain.