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Need advice: If only showing some small signs in only 2 rooms of the house

I noticed my toddler had a few little bumps on her face a few days after my husband brought home a used computer chair 2 weeks ago. We shampooed it before bringing into the house but she did play on before we purchased it. A day or two ago I saw a bug in my office/playroom (it has a large sofa, computer desk, and toy bins) I thought that looks like a big tick or a small beetle. I didn’t think much of it but I smashed it with a paper and threw it in the trash in the kitchen.

Then yesterday I noticed my daughter had some bites on her stomach so I googled it and I am pretty sure the bug I saw in my office was a bed bug. I looked for evidence in my daughter’s room but couldn’t really find much, I think I found a bed bug shed skin but my husband isn’t sure if that is what it is. I vacuumed everything and laundered her bedding. I bagged up her toys and clothes and we ordered like all the things on the website (ha!)

I guess my question is do I need to treat the whole house? I checked for signs on my 5-year-olds bed and my bed and nothing that I can see. We are planning on treating all the beds and couches in the house and focusing on treating my toddler’s room and the office…but should I be treating every room?

Also what are things we should focus on while we wait for the products to get here in on Tuesday?

Since you aren’t certain yet that you even have bed bugs (only seeing a live bug will confirm that), I recommend inspecting each bedroom in detail before starting your treatment. Check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home.