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Need help identifying bug


Looked down when I felt a pinch on my arm. Saw this guy on the inside of my wrist. Can anyone tell me what kind of bug this is?


More photos:


Hello, and welcome to our forum. I’m 100% confident that that’s not a bed bug.
That looks more like a black vine weevil. They’re a garden plant pest, not a blood sucker.


Hi Josh,

Thanks for responding. I read that weevils generally don’t bite, but this thing definitely bit or pinched me, which is the only reason why I noticed it. In this photo you can see two little dots where it bit/pinched me. Are weevils usually thin?

I know your a bed bug expert and not a weevil expert but just though I would ask.


Those could be bed bug bites, but there’s no way for me to know for sure. They look like bed bug bites, but they also look like mosquito bites, spider bites, allergic reactions… you get the idea. Check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home.