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Need help to ID stains

TL;DR do these look like their from beg bugs?
Color of the picture with stains might be a bit off in color. They are seem like a rust color.
Other picture is just the only other thing in the bed that’s off.
No bugs caught in bedbug traps that were set at the same time as these signs.

Been having weird stains in the bed occasionally for a couple weeks. These are the most recent. Previously I had a crushed bug with blood around it in my bed, but I thought it was mosquito as there had been a mosquito flying around in my room. Also had another crushed bug but with no blood. Unfortunately I didn’t take a close look to see exactly what they were.
In the past week I’ve checked around my room for other signs, not finding anything. I set up some bed bug traps on my mattress and they haven’t caught anything so far in about 4 nights. So far no bite marks that look unlike mosquito bites. (and I’ve definitely been bitten by mosquitos).
The signs I’m seeing aren’t really matching up with what I’ve seen online regarding bed bugs but I’ve been a bit paranoid about theoretically spreading them if I were to have them. I’ve been showing them to my roommate but they don’t seem too concerned.