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No adult bugs seen

I have tiny white wormlike and teey tiny brown round bugs crawling up thru the fuzzy dark brown fabric of my recliner where I sit 70% of my day. I feel them crawling over me when I sit and small bites there I can pick them up on my lint roller So far have not seen these crawling elsewhere yet. My upstairs neighbor had bed bugs last spring I found 3 dead bugs on my sofa then and bought& used some sprays I washed ad bagged most of my clothing I think one bag of winter stuff just got bagged to wash later.
I never had problems till this month -I opened the winter bag a few weeks ago thinking the would be dead by then 6-7 months later. I had read a article they could only live 200 days without food. Thinking the adult bugs died and thousands of nymphs survived maybe? They are now i my car too. I now read that nymphs can live 400 days without food I have vac"ed sprayed steamed but they still come. so are these bed bugs or something else??? I just ordered diacotamous(?) earth as my 50 year old condo unit sits on a cement slab over an old sand mine lot and the cement, base boards and door mouldings have lots of cracks under and around my carpeting. I also had several floods this year last one was 4 months ago so i need to replace carpet. help??

Hi Craftsurf,

Based on what you I can tell in your story its hard to distinguish what exactly is the insect causing the issues however if you could attach clear photos as close to bug as you can it would help expedite the process of potentially identifying if it is bedbugs. A lot of behaviors described above sound like bedbugs but just because it sounds like bedbugs doesn’t mean that it. is bedbugs, Check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home 27. this may help better answer some questions and pin point if there are bedbugs in your home.