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Opinion on yeast bait and cimexa in vacant home

Ok i purchased a home for 30k under value and i need advice on how to treat the home for bed bugs its a severe infestation we were getting bites while renovating the home. Ive had the home for 6 week . The previous owners were sick and mostly in bed all day.

I did bed bug foggers and they did nothing. I bought bed bug volcano baits and no bed bugs were caught. I recently bought a kit of cimexa and bedlam spray and sprayed the whole house .got the outlets and around windows etc. I baited each room with yeast sugar and water in a 2 liter which i read online. After a few days i saw at least 20 bed bugs dead on the floor all over the house.

My question is what is the possibility of success in this type of treatment if i keep baiting the home with yeast to lure them out and keep putting cimexa and bedlam everywhere for a month more? Whst else should i be doing? I’m going to be renting this home out so success has to be 100% I’m debating whether to get a bed bug sniffing dog but do they only detect live bugs or dead ones too? Thanks for help in advance. This is my first rental home and its been a nightmare.

That yeast trap is a neat idea for an active monitor in some cases, but the CO2 release needed to lure bed bugs will only be active for about eight hours. For long-term monitoring, you probably want something that will continue to release a lure for a longer period.

If you purchased just the Volcano monitors without any lure method, they won’t do much to trap bed bugs on their own. I would recommend a set of SenSci Activ lures. These packets slowly release an odor that attracts bed bugs for up to 3 months. Put one in each of your Volcanoes and disperse the traps throughout the property.

Spend a couple grand and get a very thorough heat treatment. If you’re a landlord in a city could be a good investment to purchase the heaters and learn to do it yourself. I don’t know from experience but everything I’ve read if it’s done properly it’s the best way to 100% eliminate an infestation, just costly, however if you make the purchase you can make money by renting them out and you know your own properties will always be protected for when a hitchhiker gets brought in