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Please can someone help me losing my mind

Hi please if someone could help me losing my mind…I afraid I have bed bugs for the last month and a half.

I have been to the doctor with allergic reactions which I thought it was due to my boyfriend’s cat…

But lately the itch is persisting all of the time during the day and night…I’m not getting many bites but when I stay at my boyfriend’s house I come out in a scatter of bites which I will attach here too.

But now today after calling local pest control they said they couldn’t find anything in my room.

I’m being extremely paranoid maybe and very anxious been looking everywhere for signs… today I found these and I am worried it is a shell…can anyone please please help me??? I feel so afraid and can barely eat.

I live at home still with younger siblings and terrified I will pass on this awful pest.

Can anyone please help me

Hello, and welcome to our forum. I’m 50/50 on whether or not that’s a bed bug, but I can’t say either way due to the poor quality of the images. If you’re able to take a shot that shows the bug in more clarity and detail, I should be able to give a more concrete answer.