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Please help identify this - is it a young bedbug? very worried!

Hello, I have found several of these really tiny bugs, no more than 1mm.
They were on my bed sheets and now I’ve found a few also on myself! I have a few bites too but I’m not sure if they are responsible for that.
They are so small and fast that it was hard to take a decent picture. The shape looks like a bed bag although the colour is maybe darker? Am I deluding myself thinking they may be something else?
Please help, I’m freaking out!
Thanks so much!


Hello, and welcome to our forum. While I’m not sure exactly what species that is, I’m 100% confident that it’s not a bed bug. It’s simply too small. Best of luck with your ID and treatment.

Thanks so much for your answer, Josh! That’s a big relief!
I keep finding these tiny insects on the toilet cistern and bathroom sink despite cleaning obsessively for days. When I posted the pictures I had found a couple on myself and reacted with about 25 bites on my torso similar to mosquitoes bites. Could they be mould mites giving me an allergic reaction? If someone knows something about this please let me know, I would really appreciate it.
I am still worried that the bites were caused by bedbugs even though I got bitten only last Friday and Saturday. The pest control man I called is convinced that bedbugs bite every night so it can not be it. That’d be great if true, what do you think? Sorry for bothering you again, I’m just very anxious.

A single bed bug does not bite every night, but an infestation is never made up of just a single bug. To be frank, how often you see new bite marks appear is irrelevant until you’re a significant way into a full treatment process.