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Please help me ID this

Please help me ID this. My boyfriend saw it on his neck during the day. We had just been outside but he was on the couch when he caught it so we’re not sure. It looks a bit darker than the bed but picks I found online and I don’t see that striped abdomen. But it’s hard to tell. There’s something weird on it’s back. Not sure if it used to be wings that were torn off? Tried to get decent pictures. !

On further googling I think it might be a flat bug (aradidae) aneurus laevis. Here is a photo from the side to try and show how flat it is. It looks really thin and seems to match pictures of Anerus Laevis we found online. Anyway, I have ocd so please help LOL

Hi, that’s not a bedbug. Bedbugs are typically more round and more brown in color. You’re good :slight_smile:

Thank you! My local government office confirmed it is not a bedbug and is likely an aneurus laevis. I’m going to leave this up in case it helps other people ID their bugs.

Hi Jgalla,
This is indeed not a bedbug, it looks more like a roach, or something in the roach family, bed bugs usually are shaped more like an apple seed and also have a more clear exoskeleton. If you had any further concerns Check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home 27.