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Please help us...Is this a bedbug

My daughter seems to have the common symptoms and she found this on her tonight. Is this indeed a bedbug?

I’m not an expert and I had my run with BBs and yes that does look like a BB. Can’t understand why I had no bites but the bug doctor confirmed. If u only have a few don’t spend the big bucks like I did. Try and work with this website. They definitely have all the stuff…Get the encasements for mattress and boxstring If u have a bigger infestation call an expert. I still cringe every nite and sleep with a light on. Good luck…

PS. I would also buy a steamer.

Thanks so much! She has had some bites that have irritated her like crazy. That was how she found the bug, it was biting her at 2 am. I haven’t seen any casings or others so am hoping that it is not a huge infestation and we can remedy it quickly. I am going to try our black light tonight to see if anything sticks out as I wait for the traps and mattress casing.

If u haven’t seen anything it is prob still small but u have to start. As I stated rent a steamer and steam the mattress and box spring. Get encasements and those round things to put under the feet of the bed. I discovered mine walking on my leg and found an additional 10 in the mattress fluff thing… I didn’t trust my management and called the experts so I knew what they were spraying. I also had 4 in my couch since I prob carried them there. I’m hoping I’m going to continue to be free of them. But again no bites. My kids think I had bat beetles. Good luck. I hope u can clear it up without the nightmares. Bedbug bites come in clusters and are red. I had 2 mosquito bites and freaked out but that’s how these things have affected me. Again good luck and u came to the right website.

I got the encasement, things for under the bed posts, checked all around with a UV light, sprayed with some bed bug spray, washed everything and put diatomaceous earth all around. Have been checking every day for anything. So far so good. Hoping it stays that way.

Hi Royalcupid ,

The picture sadly is indeed a bedbug I would highly recommend taking some time to review our 4 Step protocol as well as Check out this article on how to inspect for bed bugs in your home 27. this may help better answer some questions and pin point if there are bedbugs in your home.

I will go ahead and attach the 4-step protocol for more information on these bedbugs and wish you the best with your treatment process.