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Repeated PCO Heat Treatments

Just wanted to hear other people’s experiences with pest control operators (PCOs) using Heat Treatments.

I do NOT want to hear any company names as I am not trying to bash any companies, but I would like to know if there are others out there like me that have also paid big bucks for multiple Heat Treatments by the pros, only to somehow get re-infested.

Each heat treatment by my highly recommended PCO cost $1,500 and was sold to me as basically a ‘silver bullet’ as “they cannot possibly survive after 8 hours in 145-degree heat.” Also, the minimal prep was another selling point.

They had multiple heaters that ran power from their own generator trucks, as they used higher voltage than home electricity could give.
And 2 workers stayed and monitored the temperatures via their laptop from the wireless heat sensors in every room of the condo.

They first did a ‘clover-leaf inspection’ of all 4 Condo units above me, below me, and both sides, and they were not infested.

They did move the furniture around at intervals during the heat treatment, and applied Cimexa in wall voids.

Sounded VERY thorough to me!

But each of my 2 professionally done heat treatments only helped for about 3 months before the bugs somehow came back again.

They told me that this was an extremely rare case and they could not understand how it could happen, unless I had been accidentally reintroducing them.

I had read about the DIY steps on this website, but had decided that rather than spend the next several months decluttering my condo so that I could access all of the baseboards, etc., that I would instead pay the money to have the professional heat treatment, which they assured me required very little prep.

They did task me with quite a lot of de-cluttering, however, which I dutifully took care of before treatments, and their inspector came onsite to approve my level of de-cluttering before they agreed to do the 2nd heat treatment (as they offered me a $300 discount the 2nd time). They said it was totally fine and ready to go.

What I wanted to know is, can one or two bedbugs somehow survive the heat treatment, such as in my clutter (I had greatly reduced my clutter before the 2nd heat treatment)?

They told me that my level of clutter was not as bad I made it out to be, and that they have been successful with WAY worse levels of clutter than mine.

I know where the source of the initial infestation was, as I found out AFTER spending Christmas with my parents that their house is over-run with bed bugs. So the bugs had to have hitched a ride home in my bags of Christmas presents that I brought back home with me.

I had not visited my parents since, due to their refusal to do anything about their issue other than use the junk sprays from the hardware store, so I don’t believe I was reintroducing them.

By the way, the whole bedbug issue has caused a rift in my immediate family, with hurt feelings and resentments, etc.
Not to mention the anxiety I have been going through with having bugs off and on since Christmas of 2015 (it is now May 2017 and I am now implementing the BedBugSupply DIY procedures with their products.)

I guess I am basically looking for some empathy from other repeat sufferers, and to see if my experience really is all that rare, or not. These bugs have been driving me crazy, almost (but not quite) to the point of panic attacks each time I saw them again after spending tons of money.

I look forward to any replies and am very grateful to hear anyone else’s similar stories.

I think the only way to be sure to get the last one is with a trap.

My own personal experience with heat treatments is that they are only one tool in the toolbox, and that you need to use multiple tools to effectively get rid of bedbugs. And, heat treatments are only effective on what can get heated to the correct temperature.
Bedbugs are notoriously nasty little critters that will live in walls and other things, and can remain dormant for an extended period of time. And once in the walls, they are somewhat impervious to heat. ANY insulation can prevent them from getting heated up to their “explosive temperature”.
I recommend using multiple killing agents in your attack on bedbugs. I like a good spray on all baseboards, carpets, and other non furniture fabrics. I then recommend using a silica gel powder in all of the outlet boxes, and as a second barrier on baseboards. As for fabric furniture, I like to use a good steam cleaning system.
Yes, this is a lot of work to get rid of bedbugs, but it seems to be the only way to effectively get rid of these nasty little critters.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment is very effective to kill these insects. Temperatures should be greater than 120 degrees F(lethal temperature) and less than 140 degrees F (content damaging temperature). This temperature range is used by exterminators to kill them.